Описание и распиновка адаптера PS/2 Keyboard (Gateway) Y Adapter


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PS/2 Keyboard (Gateway) Y

This adapter will enable you to use a keyboard and mouse at the same time. It's working with Gateway and Gericom Overdose S notebook computers, may work with other computers (Let us know).

6 PIN MINI-DIN MALE (to the Computer)
6 PIN MINI-DIN FEMALE (to the Keyboard)
6 PIN MINI-DIN FEMALE (to the Mouse)

6 PIN MINI-DIN MALE (PS/2 STYLE) to the Computer.
6 PIN MINI-DIN FEMALE (PS/2 STYLE) to the Keyboard.
6 PIN MINI-DIN FEMALE (PS/2 STYLE) to the Mouse.

1 2 -
2 - 2
3 3 3
4 4 4
5 6 -
6 - 6
Contributor: Joakim Цgren, Gilles Ries, Csaba Markus
Source: Tommy's pinout Collection csgrad.cs.vt.edu/~tjohnson/pinouts by Tommy Johnson

Copyright © The Hardware Book Team 1996-2004.
May be copied and redistributed, partially or in whole, as appropriate.
Document last modified: 2002-01-13

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