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Mac to C64 Nullmodem

The RS-232 standard on the C64 is a little bit strange. It uses inverted TTL level for the signals. The RS-422 ports on the Macintosh has both an inverted and non-inverted input. By using the inverted instead of non-inverted the inverted C64 level is back to normal.

8 PIN MINI-DIN MALE (at the Computer)
??? USERPORT (to the C64).

8 PIN MINI-DIN MALE to the Macintosh.
DZM 12 DREH to the C64 UserPort.

Mac C64
GND+RXD- 4+5 1+12+A+N GND
RXD+ 8 M TXD (PA2)
    D+E RTS+DTR (PB1+PB2)

Note: Larry Anderson suggested that RXD- should not be connected. However earlier information indicated that it should be connected. Please inform us if the above connection is sufficient.

GND+RXD- 4+5 1+12+A+N GND
Contributor: Joakim Цgren, Pierre Olivier, Larry Anderson
Source: Usenet posting in comp.sys.cbm, A very simple C64 to Macintosh serial cable by Chris Baird

Copyright © The Hardware Book Team 1996-2004.
May be copied and redistributed, partially or in whole, as appropriate.
Document last modified: 2002-01-13

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